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With a wide selection of patient portals available today, one emerging leader is the FollowMyHealth platform provided by Allscripts.

The online portal connects over 16 million patients with over 300,000 doctors at over 2,000 hospitals nationwide. Users will first need to register for an FMH patient portal account. Continue below to access your account.

How to Login – Follow My Health Patient Portal

Instructions on registering, logging in, and managing your healthcare online can be found below.

Whether you access your medical login via the web at or the Follow My Health app, there are various ways to access your medical records.

— FMH Secure Login
— Facebook
— Google Gmail
— Microsoft Windows Live
— Yahoo sign in
— Cerner Health

If you do not currently have an FMH patient portal login, you must obtain an invitation code from your physician or primary care doctor before registering for the patient portal.

* Find your Login *


HealthCarePartners Portal FollowMyHealth  –

Brown and Toland Physicians –

Marin Healthcare District –

Sharp Community Medical Group (Sharp Rees-Stealy)  –

St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare –


Holy Cross Hospital –

Florida HealthCare Plans (FHCP) –

Orlando Health Patient Portal –


Orthopedic Center of Illinois –

Follow My Health Springfield Clinic (MyHealth@SC) –


Hutchinson Clinic –


Women First Obstetrics & Gynecology –


Orthobethesda –


Ridgeview Medical Center –

New York

myColumbiaDoctors Patient Portal –

Northwell Health –

PBMC Health – Peconic Bay Medical Center


Grand Lake Health System –

University Hospitals – MyUHCare –

North Ohio Heart / Ohio Medical Group –

PriMED Physicians –


Baylor, Scott & White –


Heritage Medical Associates –


Revere Health –

Washington, D.C.

GW Medical Faculty Associates –

Need to Sign Up for an Account?


Follow My Health Sharp provides patients with a free tool to manage their preventative healthcare and medical records online.  

The patient site allows users to view and refill prescriptions, schedule doctors appointments online, find a doctor, urgent care or walk-in clinic nearby, and more.  Learn more about how to create your online account via the instructions below.

Step 1 — Check your email for an invitation from your healthcare provider.  Click on the link to complete registration.

Step 2 — Click ‘Sign Up and Connect’
If you already have an online account and wish to add an additional provider, click ‘Add This Connection.’

Step 3 — Create your username and password.  It is recommended you use your email address as your username.

Step 4 — Follow the prompts on the screen to connect to your medical provider or doctor.

Step 5 — Once the list is complete, select ‘Confirm and Continue.’

Note:  An email confirming your FMH secure login username will automatically be sent to your email address.

How do I delete my Follow My Health Sharp Account?


To delete your EHR (electronic health records) account begin by signing in to your account at

  • Under the ‘My Account section, click on the ‘Account Preferences’ tab
  • Locate and click on where it says ‘Delete your UHR.’ A warning message will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete your patient portal account permanently.
  • Click ‘OK’ to delete your Follow My Health account.

** If you delete your account, you will permanently delete all your electronic health records data. This action is permanent, and you are unable to recover any lost information. **

What is FMH Mobile?

For convenient, on-the-go access to your Electronic Health Records (EHR), Allscripts provides the Follow My Health app in both the Android App Store and iOS under Apple.

Once you have downloaded the app to your preferred device, use your FMH patient portal secure login to assess your account.

Let’s begin by going over some of the features of the patient portal. Your account login will bring you to the home tab of the Follow My Health Sharp dashboard.

Features of Follow My Health Patient Portal

Health Summary — shows all your basic information, including your height, weight, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, and other clinical data collected at your most recent doctor’s appointment.  Your current primary insurance provider and preferred pharmacy are listed in this section as well.

Action Center — lists items that need your attention, such as forms to complete or bills to pay, messages from your doctor.  This may also include requests from your doctors to update information on your electronic health records (EHR). The Action Center can be viewed in list mode or calendar mode.

Get Treated Now — will display as a feature for patients whose medical providers or doctor offers Telehealth services.  Telemedicine treatment is often provided via an eVisit as a video chat or email.

Appointments — Schedule doctor appointments, view upcoming or past appointments, reschedule, cancel, or get directions to your doctor’s office.

Billing — view invoices and pay bills. Click on the ‘Make a Payment’ button to see your billing in more depth. Note: This feature is only available if your provider has enabled online bill pay.

App Center — displays applications that have been connected to your FollowMyHealth account. Available apps include My Charts, Health Journal, and Know My Health.

Health source devices include connections to wireless scales, blood pressure monitors,s and glucose monitors via widgets such as iHealth, Fitbit, Nokia, Garmin, Telcare, and more. A complete list of device connections available can be found on page 159 of the Allscripts User Guide (see below for access).


Inbox – Secure Messages

The FollowMyHealth inbox is similar to a traditional email system, providing an easy and secure way to communicate with your online doctor. From here, you can send and receive secure messages with 24/7 access.

My Health Online

This tab contains your medical records, also known as EHR (electronic health records) including pre-existing conditions, allergies, test results, surgical history, and current medications.

From here you can click to see more detailed information and complete any necessary tasks – i.e. request a prescription refill, add an immunization, etc.

Contact Technical Support

Phone Number: 888-670-9775

Any and all inquiries regarding your clinical medical data, please get in touch with your doctor or provider directly.

If you need technical support for the patient portal, please visit the Support section under ‘My Account’ to connect with email support.

For frequently asked questions, it is also recommended that you visit the Follow My Health Knowledge Base or User Manual

**If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to the emergency room immediately.**

NOTE: We are not affiliated with Follow My Health, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature.

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  1. Whenever I login using the mobile app on my phone, or here on the website, the program tells me that “My session has timed out, please login in again.” (Mobile app) or just locks up and won’t let me login (at the website).

  2. My father wants to change his username on his account. Can he do that online through the portal?

  3. Using my account – how do I bring up the results of the Dr’s visit and the results of a test.

  4. I can login in with 4 physician practices
    1. Stark Women’s Center – I will get emails saying there is a new document added but there is none that show up.
    2. Cardiovascular consultants- appointments never show up
    3. Canton General Surgery no notes or appointments show up
    4. Medcorp of Aultman- no appointments show up

  5. Send them the same type of letter that they sent you, but change the wording around to fit your situation. Send it to your doctor and mark it confidential. Maybe that way your doctor will get it in his hands and read it, and if he reads it it may actually stick in his memory. Type the letter like you would on a computer, when you want to make it sound like you are really pissed off use all CAPITAL LETTERS like you do in text messages or other messages. Hope you have better luck

  6. I cannot send a message to my doctor. I also cannot seem to connect to the Family Doctors at Christus Shumpert.

  7. I have tried several times to get into my lab reports I cannot get into the system my username has not changed. I still can not access my health lab reports or appointments.

  8. After trying to sign up. The Doctor did not send me an invitation. I quite. We have lots of Hospitals here in Texas. Will never go to a Covenant Hospital or a hospital or Doctor that uses this system.

  9. Hello, I keep receiving emails that my doc offices are sending me messages through the portal website, however when I log in there are no messages or any information?? Please advise.

    Thank you

  10. Its not the doctors its the nurses that are not reading it.
    The doctors don’t do hardly any of the paperwork, and if they do they still let the NPs do
    the set ups. I would write a letter (mark it confidential) and let the doctor know what is going on,
    that way he gets the information directly.

  11. i have tried to connect with my doctor at UCR but i can’t! i set up my patient portal on my phone after i got the invitation i successfully got in and they said so, but when i used my user name and my established password i couldn’t sign on??

  12. Really would be nice if Doctors would use this and read the medical record. I am hearing impaired and have told the Drs that they need to put info and appts on the site, as I can not hear on a telephone, yet they keep trying to call and end up writing me a letter saying they can not get me on phone. I have had to go 3 times to try to get this right but it seems they (doctors) can not get this straight. Hearing impaired, can not hear on phone is all over my medical record. Apparently the Doctors do not read the medical records.

  13. My password is not letting me connect. I have tried to set a new one and every thing I enter is already in use. I have been very imaginative with no results.

  14. I have the app but there is no record in there i need to have all my medical records up dated in my app

  15. Locked out of my account. continues mentioning a verification code that I never received.
    Can you help?

  16. I was just on my account site last week and now I can’t even find a place to complete my sign in. What am I doing wrong?

  17. I would like to add this app to my computer, but I am have a difficult time doing so.

  18. I thought I was signed in months ago….how can i have another invitation sent?

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