Guide: Five Tips for Choosing the Best Health Plan


When trying to choose the best health plan with all of the commotion caused by the availability of health insurance coverage in the United States, individuals need to be informed on how to select a plan that adequately covers all of their medical needs.

Knowing how to choose a policy that covers all of the health issues is important to securing proper coverage and choosing the best plan available.

A number of important medical and consumer issues surround this purchase and must be dealt with satisfactorily before it is paid for and goes into effect.

What to take into consideration…

There are a few specific factors that should be considered when comparing new health insurance plans for coverage terms.

These include: pricing options, benefits offered, the list of preferred medical providers, and matters of eligibility.

Is the price right? What are your monthly premiums?

The total of upfront payments and monthly premium payments represent the total cost. Qualifying for a premium calculated on a group basis can entitle you to lower total premium cost.

Issues of money and value affect many consumers’ decisions when purchasing health insurance.

It is difficult to find a plan that includes all of your most wanted benefits and even those that don’t include everything you’re looking for are often costly, though trying to manage medical costs without being associated with a plan is worse!

Which healthcare providers are available?

Each plan option will have specific medical professionals and facilities on their preferred provider lists, who they contractually pay a stipulated amount of benefits to.

The preferred provider list is what you will refer to when looking for a doctor or medical professional that is covered by your monthly premium.

Understanding your Policy’s Benefits and Coverage

It is vital to conduct a review of applicable benefits at the time the of your purchase.

Being certain that various types of claims are included in coverage is essential.

For example: if you wear eyeglasses, you will most likely need to find a plan that will accept claims for visits to the optometrist.

Determining the total amount of deductibility is important when calculating the costs. Sometimes selecting a higher deductible can help keep total plan costs lower.

However, if frequent trips to the doctor are necessary, it may be more cost effective to find something with a low deductible and a higher monthly premium payment.

Perks and financial incentives

Often, local fitness centers in conjunction with local insurers offer discounted memberships to gyms and health centers as an inducement to their plan members to encourage them to maintain good health habits.

Looking for this type of affiliation can help reduce the cost of staying in shape.

Exploring all of the healthcare provideroptions

It is important when seeking individual coverage, to be able to get the “most bang for your buck”. That means securing appropriate coverage with desirable providers for an affordable cost.

Knowing and understanding the benefits and coverage as well as list of providers for each plan will help guide you into making the most cost effective health plan purchase that appropriately suits your health needs.

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  1. I live in Florida and have Ultimate insurance. I am being seen at Access Healthcare and was told I could review my labs and so forth by going to Harris CareTracker Patient Portal. I cannot find the right place

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