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United HealthCare, (UHC) is known for being one of the largest providers of medical insurance and health care plans for millions of Americans.

The online patient portal allows those with United healthcare insurance to find a doctor, view your medical claims, manage your prescriptions and much more.  

Trouble Accessing your Login?

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To get started you must enter your MyUHC login which is also referred to as your Health Safe ID at the following url: To enable your MyUHC login you must have the following…

  • United healthcare health plan ID card

If you don’t have your ID card you can still access the patient portal by using your Zip code and your Social Security number.

  • Create a unique secure password and username that you will remember.
  • Attach an email account
  • Your cell phone number or best phone contact information

Once this is done UHC will send you an email to confirm that you were successful and will follow up with a paper letter via snail mail (USPS) to confirm your access.

My United Healthcare Insurance group number number changed can I still access the past claims?

Not to worry, if you use your Health Safe ID then you will be able to access all your past medical history.

I have a question and would feel better speaking to a live human. Can I call some one?

Absolutely! Simply call the support phone number on the back of your medical insurance card. Pro tip. Save it in your cell. If you can’t find your card then 1-877-844-4999 is a good place to get help.

How to access United Healthcare Medicare Supplement Plans

AARP has teamed up with UHC to offer Medicare Insurance Plan discounts to it’s members. The Medigap plans help pay for those costs not typically covered by medicare.

 It is important to note that access to your AARP medicare plan is not accessed through the website. To manage your UHC medicare supplement plans visit and use your HealthSafe Id to access your account.

If you’re interested you can see the AARP medicare plans for 2019 here. AARP Medicare Advantage plans from Unitedhealthcare are offering a wide range of options to meet just about anyone’s need and stay within your budget.

Medicare Part C Plans often include Renew Active program to keep you physically fit with an included membership to a gym near you.

Currently myuhc is not a EHR (electronic health record) platform. In Jan of 2019 the company announced that it plans to release it’s own version of an IHR.  It will compliment the current EHR companies like MyChart, NextMD, FollowMyHealth and others.

How Can I find a Doctor Near me?

The United Health Care site makes finding a doctor a breeze. Through the website you can:

  • Easily see what clinics are close to your work or home.
  • Take advantage of the quality and cost ratings of healthcare providers
  • Check to see if the doctor you’re interested in is in UHC’s network.
  • Use your myuhc login to access the provider search tool from the main page.

Do you normally just Google find doctor near me?

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You can save yourself a ton of time and money if you find a doctor through the site because those primary care providers (PCPs), clinics and hospitals are guaranteed to be in UnitedHealthCare network.

You can also find doctors near me no matter where your location via the Health4me app.

Need urgent care centers, clinics or even an emergency room? Just download the Health4me app.

With UHC online tools you can easily do the following:

  • See what is included in preventative care
  • Price compare services and produces from different providers
  • Are you getting your prescriptions through OptumRx? If so, you can see what prescriptions are covered by your medical insurance.
  • Easily view the status charges for your health services
  • Speak in real-time with online with a wellness coach
  • Take survey’s related to your health habits and get extra benefits

What is new with United Healthcare?

David Whichmann, CEO recently announced that the fourth quarter they planned to release their own EHR system which will roll out to 20,000,000 customers who are already using the current health wellness app.

There has been some concern in the industry that their new EHR platform could disrupt the way primary care physicians refer people to specific medical labs for testing.

At the end of 2018, investors were told that the new health portal will look a little more like an PHR (personal health record) and will likely pull data from other EHRs and combine it into their personal health record software.

**If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to the emergency room immediately.**

NOTE: We are not affiliated with United Healthcare, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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