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NextMD is EMR software, by NextGen patient portal that provides access to download your medical records and share with your healthcare provider or doctor.

The online portal provides not only your electronic health record but you can also find a doctor in your network or health insurance plan, schedule doctor’s appointments, track current medications and request prescription refills.


NextMD Login Instructions

To access your account at, follow the below instructions…

  1. Under the “Already a Member” section
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. Click “Log In” to enter

If you are a returning user to, simply enter your username and password and click “Log In.”

Remember password protection is very important for protecting you against identity theft. An easy step for identity theft protection is to create a password that includes numbers, letter and special characters unique to the patient.

Setup your Account –

When you visit for the first time you will have to setup your online account.

  • Access in your web browser
  • Click on the “I am New Here” button
  • From here you will have the option of choosing one of two choices
    • ‘I was given and enrollment token’
    • ‘I have a temporary username and password’
  • Follow the instructions for accessing the NextMD patient portal

Find your Provider’s Patient Portal

Advanced MD Login

Callen Lorde Patient Portal

Capital Women’s Care OB-GYN

Crystal Run Healthcare

Family Health Center

Foothill Family Clinic

Great Lakes Login – Patient Portal

HealthFusion Login

Heritage Health

IHA Patient Portal

Major Health Partners

NextMD Patient Portal

Memorial Healthcare System

NextMD American Health Network

Patient First

Sabates Eye Centers

Webster Family Physician’s Website – *transferred use to the AthenaHealth patient portal

Features of your Online Account

  • View medical records and lab test results
  • Secure messaging with health care providers and doctors
  • Schedule doctor’s appointment and view past appointments
  • View current medications and refill prescriptions
  • View billing history, statements and make an online payment (if applicable)
  • Update allergies, current prescriptions and medical history
  • Family Management of Children’s Electronic Health Records and Elderly Care

Electronic Health Record Management


NextGen is quickly becoming a major player in EMR software, giving electronic health records access to both doctors and patients.  With major players like IHA patient portal, the EMR system is a secure and easy to use resource to view and share your medical record online.

Having full access to medical records gives patients the control and freedom of their own healthcare. An easy NextMD Login away and you have recent test results, medications, and upcoming appointments right at your fingertips.

Even though NextGen is a lesser-known EMR software producer, they are providing an alternative to MyChart. MyChart tends to focus on larger health care providers and hospitals.

While NextMD turns its attention to smaller more independent health care providers giving them the patient portal they need.

The company continues to grow, providing Electronic Health Record software to insurance companies and healthcare providers across the country. With the NextGen Patient Portal login patients can easily communicate with their primary care provider or access their medical records.

Looking to Reset Your Username or Password?

If you forgot your NextMD Patient Portal password or username, please see Reset Your Password

Contact Customer Service

**If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 911 or go to the emergency room immediately.**

NOTE: We are not affiliated with NextMD, and you should NOT contact us with any sensitive information that is of a personal nature. We are merely a resource that provides information.

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  1. Please, send me a copy of my recent heart test report to my e-mail account. Thank you.

  2. I would like to remove both my and my husband’s online portal as I cannot access and no one so far has helped me…..I would like someone to help me remove them and set me up from a starting position….used this when we first had it and not needed it again til recently….please can someone help me get this service going again?

  3. I am a new Patient and was given a token key however the token
    is not accepted. What may I do?

  4. The step by step directions given to me by Bayclinic do not correspond and I am unable to login

  5. there is no button on the “confirm your email” page that is sent in response to registration. i called customer service to question that, and they said that they were only a tech shell, and had nothing to do with the caremount confirmation page and the missing button.
    so how am i supposed to confirm when there is no confirmation button???

  6. I don’t remember my password, or the phone number attached so I can get the password for my account. Help?

  7. I’ve been sent a notification from my provider that I have a Bill pending payment, to the best of my knowledge I have no account registered nor do I have a “token” to access and respond to the billing request. Paper in the mailbox is a wonderful thing for those of us that still drive a checkbook.

  8. Hi – I know my password, but when I click on log in the website doesn’t respond to the command, can you help with that?

  9. I’ve tried to log into the Evergreen Hospital Patient Portal several times to no avail. Your Cerner software asks for my login and password which is fine.. Then it asks for the “Make and model of my first car” which is fine until I type it in and am refused access because it doesn’t recognize the answer.
    I’m 72 and trying to communicate with my doctor. Your secure software? Is standing in the way of that. I’m not a hacker, I’m a customer. Wake up and smell the coffee. Fix this nonsense before there’s an emergency and someone is injured or dies as a result of your suspicious anti hacker misguided behavior.

  10. I cannot access with my user ID and password. It is saying it is incorrect. I have went to the I forgot my user name link and it says my email address doesnt match, then i erased and reentered and it went through and now saying my last name.and date of birth does.not match. What is going on?

  11. I have tried several times trying to log in as a new patient. Unfortunately I am unable to do so because every time I enter a name, password, password security question, I get a red asterix and do what the instructions says. I finally gave up. I have no other way to imput infor after several trys. Thank you

  12. Somehow my patient portal account got connected with my husband’s patient portal. I received an email with a link to see my lab results, but it opened the login site with my husband’s info. I tried to remove his info and type in mine and it didn’t work, snapped back to his info. I tried to use “forgot my username “ and typed in my email address, that worked fine. When I tried to recover my password it simply said it did not recognize my email address, which I used just minutes before to recover my username. I tried today again, same thing. It goes straight to my husband’s account. Please help, I need to see my lab results.
    Kind regards,

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